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Site5 hosting is great

I started hosting with Site5 for my production sites and I love it. I’m using VPS4, which gives you 4 processors and 2gb of ram. I chose the dallas option.The total is about $124.00 a month. Support was a main selling point for me. I tested Site5’s support system pretty well, and usually within a few hours someone always fixed my problems. I tested site5 for about a month before I made the great leap from my previous VPS (PowerVPS).

Site5 also upgraded me from their lowest VPS wich is $53 for 756mb of ram, to the level 4 within 2 hours (which is good).

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Ancient Greeks – I think they would prefer wide screen

September 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Is it a coincidence that the wide screen formats on the link above have an aspect ratio of 1.6 while the golden mean has a ratio of 1.61803399 ? It looks to me like if you were going to buy a dvd with an ancient greek he’d get the widescreen version.

Wikipedia link to the golden ratio

Standard ratio is 1.33

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